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For a few months now, we've been quietly working on some new products and accessories to add to the Lazerwood line-up. I'm happy to say that we're almost ready to release the first one: LazerCharger portable batteries! If you do any amount of traveling (or just general road warrior-ing), you know how annoying it can be when your phone's almost out of juice and you really needed Google Maps to tell you how to get to the restaurant.

LazerCharger works with any device that can be charged with a USB cable - so basically, everything. Just use the included cable to fill up the battery, then reverse things around when you need to transfer that energy to your device. It's (mostly) solid wood, small, lightweight, and has enough capacity for one or two full cycles depending on your device. Unless you have an iPhone 7 Plus like I do, which has a ridiculously large battery and can only be filled up to about 50%. C'est la vie.

We have multiple wood types available, as well as a pretty cool wrap-around engraved pattern. Or if you prefer, take the clean non-lasered version. Both look pretty slick. If you're looking for a mid-budget promotional item for giveaways (trade shows, gifts, incentives, etc.) we can easily customize the look.

We're even lasering the box. Because that's just what we do.


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