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In the beginning, Lazerwood was a pretty Apple-focused company. Our very first wooden phone skin was designed exclusively for the Apple iPhone, and from there we branched out into most of the Apple product line: keyboards, new phone models, even Apple TV. Over the years, we've been asked (more than once) if we can show some love for the Android community.

There's a reason lots of smaller businesses focus on Apple: you can design for just one or two form factors and carve out a decent-enough audience. With hundreds of different Android phone designs out there, it's near impossible for smaller designers and manufacturers to keep up with the flow of new devices.

That said, we're trying! Starting now, all of our cases and skins are available for Samsung's most recent phones: the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. (OK, we went back one generation and added the S7 as well.) We're always happy to custom-model a template for your specific device as a custom order, all you have to do ask us.

Now, if we could just get something sorted out for those iPad covers...


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