LazerCharger - Chevron


Nothing is worse than being out and about with 5% left in your phone battery. Do you dare to Uber? Will Google Maps drain you and leave you e-isolated? How will you get home?

If you keep a LazerCharger with you, those problems will all go away. LazerCharger is portable, small, lightweight, and a heckuva-lot more stylish than that plastic crap you'll find at the airport electronics store. Rated at 3,000 mAh -- that's "milli-amp-hours", or "a full iPhone 7 charge or so", depending on your technical vocabulary. It's enough juice to completely top off most smartphones (unless you have a monstrous iPhone 7 Plus and other phablet, whose giant batteries we can only get back to about 50%. But that's still enough for Uber!)

Each LazerCharger is engraved here at the Lazerwood factory in intriguing designs, or also available in a clean natural finish. A charging cable is included (to charge the battery, not your phone). Just plug your normal USB phone charger into the USB port on the LazerCharger and your phone will drink it up.

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