Heart KC


We're proud to be made in Kansas City and like to wear our hometown pride on our sleeve...and on our iPhone. The iconic vintage KC Heart design from Charlie Hustle makes a great statement about your hometown pride.
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about lazerwood phone cases

Made in Kansas City

  • Hard shell construction for superior protection
  • High quality, super-slim design adds minimal bulks
  • Premium 100% real wood for an amazing look and feel
  • Easy snap-on attachment
  • Precision engraved, with lasers
  • Designed, engraved and assembled in the USA

Because each Lazerwood phone case is made from real wood, the grain patterns will vary, making each case unique.

100% Responsibly Sourced Wood

Every Lazerwood phone case is manufactured from responsibly sourced natural wood. We hand-sand and hand-finish all materials, giving the final product a smooth and spectacular feel.

Every Case is Unique

Each case design is precision-cut (with lasers, of course) from real wood, which means each case has unique variations in texture. You're guaranteed to get a product that will be uniquely yours.

Will my product look like the photo?

The product images presented on our catalog are our best effort to represent the visual character of each design. Wood responds to lighting in different ways, so the color tone may vary depending on your environment.

Lazerwood offers lots of unique designs, on many different devices. (Seriously, the combinatorial math is pretty big.) In some cases, we may use photorealistic computer renderings of a design on a specific device and specific type of wood simply because we haven't been asked to make that particular combination yet. Photos may not be published for a specific design on a specific device in a specific wood type, but rest assured that we will manufacture and deliver the exact combination you choose.

No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with your phone case for any reason, return it to us within 30 days for a full refund (less shipping). No questions asked!

Please note that Lazerwood phone cases do not provide any additional warranty on your device. If you drop your phone in the toilet, we can't help you with that.