Lazerwood Keys for Apple Extended Keyboard


Bring the tactile beauty of wood to your keyboard with Lazerwood Keys! Available in walnut or cherry wood. Created to perfectly compliment the sleek style of Apple's USB extended keyboard. Now available for many keyboard languages!

This mod takes some nimble fingers and patience but the results are stunning. The thin adhesive-backed wood pieces adhere to the keys firmly and the characters and symbols are laser cut with beautiful precision.

Please Note: Care should be taken to get the keys properly positioned before pressing the wood pieces in place. If you're careful, removal is possible without damage to the keyboard.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Assembly Time: 30-40 min

Choose the proper Keyboard Language from the drop-down, otherwise you will receive the US English version.

Check out our keyboard language guide HERE to confirm it matches your keyboard layout before ordering.

The language versions are created to fit the keyboards sold in the associated countries and the key sizes may be different. This is not for converting a US keyboard to a different key layout.

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about lazerwood keys

Made in Kansas City

  • Precisely measured to perfectly enhance your keys
  • Slim profile that maintains the balance and spacing of your keyboard
  • Real wood keycap skins with laser-engravved lettering
  • Firmly adhere to your keys, but removable with no sticky residue
  • Precision cut, with lasers
  • 100% manufactured in the USA

Because each Lazerwood Keys set is made from real wood, the grain patterns will vary, making each set similar-but-unique.

100% Responsibly Sourced Wood

Every Lazerwood Keys set is manufactured from responsibly sourced natural wood. We hand-sand and hand-finish all materials, giving the final product a smooth and spectacular feel.

Every Keyset is Unique

Each set of Lazerwood Keys is precision-cut (with lasers, of course) from real wood, which means each set has unique variations in texture. You're guaranteed to get a product that will be uniquely yours...and guaranteed to turn heads at the coffee shop.

Will my product look like the photo?

The product images presented on our catalog are our best effort to represent the visual character of each design. Wood responds to lighting in different ways, so the color tone may vary depending on your environment. Your particular desktop or laptop keyboard may be in a different color from what is displayed in our catalog; this can create subtle differences in how light reflects off your keys.

No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with your keys for any reason, return them to us within 30 days for a full refund (less shipping). No questions asked!

Please note that with the exception of light holes explicitly lasered through the caps lock key, keyboard backlighting will not be visible through these keys. They're thin, but not that thin!