Real Wood Covers for Beats By Dre

real wood covers for Beats by Dre headphones

Like an Eames Lounge chair for your head. The doctor wishes he was as classy as this Lazerwood mod for the ever popular Beats by Dre headphones. Get one to match your Lazerwood iPhone cover!

covers for beats by dre ambitious

Feeling ambitious

We're calling this a mod and not a "skin" because it will require some delicate hands to get everything aligned right. If you take your time however, the effort is truly worth it as the results are STUNNING!


Once the wood is stuck on, it's really on there. You'll be able to remove the wood without damage to the headphones but the wood will most likely be destroyed in the process.

how to apply real wood covers for beats by dre

How-To Video

Check out our instructional video where we walk you through all the tips to get a great result when applying your real wood covers to your Beats By Dre headphones.


* Our real wood covers are designed for first generation Beats Studio, Beats Solo, and Beats Solo HD headphones. These covers are not compatible with newer iterations of Beats By Dre headphones. 


"Saw your mention on uncrate friday, ordered my beats covers and got/installed them today. Beyond awesome product."

-Christian P., CA

"Bought lazerwood for my Studio beats last week. Got them today, and I can say. They are truly awesome. Top quality right thru. Big plus for the fast shipping!"

-Marcus Lundberg, Sweden

"Oh my gosh, my Beats look a thousand times better now! I’m super impressed with the quality of your product. I followed the tutorial video and took my time like you suggest and it truly did come out perfectly. Thanks!"

-Fred J. Seattle, WA

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