Frequently Asked Questions




Q: Where are Lazerwood products manufactured?

A: We craft each of our real wood covers for gadgets and tech devices at our studio in Kansas City, Missouri.

Q: Will my Lazerwood product to look exactly like the picture on your website?

A: The pictures are an accurate representation of the product, but since we use real wood, the grains will vary on each piece. We think this is part of what makes wood so awesome!


Q: What types of wood can I choose from for a custom order?

A: We most commonly work with bamboo, cherry, maple, walnut, and zebrawood. We also have a black stained cherry wood. We can source over 200 different species of wood, but are unlikely to do so for a single case or skin. However, if you are doing a bulk order, and can wait a little longer, we can work with most wood types. Send us an email to and let us know what you are wanting to do.


Q: Will you be adding other types of wood?

A: We are considering adding other species, but want to keep cost of our products reasonable and make a sustainable product. This restricts the wood types we are able to offer.


Q: How can you live with yourself knowing that you’re killing so many trees?

A: We’re very committed to being as sustainable as possible which is why we use FSC certified wood for our covers and FSC certified paper in our packaging and printed materials.


Q: Why do you spell laser with a Z?

A: We answer your question with a question. What looks more like an awesome lightning bolt, a Z or an S? Uh, we rest our case.


Q: Do your lazers make a pew pew sound?

A: Yes. 




Q: Will you make a Lazerwood cover for my “insert non-Apple brand here” phone?

A: Maybe? Let’s face it, there aren’t nearly as many of that model being sold as there are iPhones and developing covers for each model of phone out there is way beyond our capabilities. But we are looking at expanding to some other phone models, such as the Samsung Galaxy. Keep checking our website or follow us on social media to find out, or send us an email to If we get enough requests for a particular model of phone, who knows? Maybe we will add it as a standard product.


Q: How do I know which keyboard I have?

A: Check out our keyboard layout guide HERE.


Q: Will I still be able to see the backlit keys if I add Lazerwood Keys to my MacBook Pro?

A: No, sorry the wood covers the key, but you will see the caps lock light.


Q: Will the Keys damage my keyboard?

A: Nope, Lazerwood Keys are removable should you ever decide to go without the covers.


Q: Will the Keys leave marks on my MacBook screen?

A: No.


Q: Will the Keys fit on my MacBook Air?

A: Sorry, they will only fit uni-body MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inch models.




Q: Where will this be shipping from?

A: Shipping wil be from Kansas City, Missouri.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes we ship internationally. You can determine the price of shipping by adding your product to the cart and using the shipping rates calculator for your country.


Q: How are orders shipped?

A: All orders are shipped via USPS First Class mail. Tracking will only be available on larger orders.


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