Lazerwood Keys: Real Wood Covers for Apple Keyboards

Bring the tactile beauty of wood to your keyboard with Lazerwood Keys! Available in walnut or cherry wood to compliment the sleek style of Apple’s MacBook and desktop keyboards. 

Lazerwood real wood key covers for Apple keyboards


"I’ve had 4 people at my coffee shop looking jealously at my keyboard. These keys are SO awesome!"

-Dan M., WA


"Putting the keys on was way easier than I thought it was going to be and it’s true, the results ARE stunning. I even ordered a wireless keyboard so I could get a set for that as well."

-Emilie L., France

"Wow guys, I thought the iPhone covers were cool, but these Lazerwood Keys are super tight! It’s cool how different (in a good way) the keyboard on my mac feels now. Like typing on Scrabble tiles! Thanks for taking another Apple product and making it even sweeter."

-Kyle P., TX



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Lazerwood keys multiple languages

Multiple Languages

We offer the Lazerwood Keys for many keyboard language layouts for the wireless and MacBook Pro versions. Check out the link below if you’re not sure which language layout you have.


The language versions are created to fit the keyboards sold in the associated countries and the key sizes may be different. This is not for converting a US keyboard to a different key layout. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with the MacBook Air.


Download our Keyboard Language Layout Guide HERE.